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استخدام Senior Ruby Developer

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    وب،‌ برنامه‌نویسی و نرم‌افزار
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    تهران ، تهران
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    تمام وقت
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    سه تا شش سال
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    از ۲۴,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان

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مصاحبه به زبان انگلیسی می باشد.
Priotix is a full-service software partner based in Yerevan, Armenia with over 12 years of experience in the industry. The global client base includes emerging startups and established enterprises alike. Our forte is agile dedicated teams of brilliant minds who rock in providing the best scalable tech solutions to long-term global clients.

Processes at Priotix are agile and highly organized. We are working based on Scrum methodology.

Currently, we are looking for Senior Ruby Developer to join our team.

Our culture & values:
First and foremost, we have an ultimate people-centric culture. Our people are the key to our success. By sharing these values, the whole team is committed to grow and build killer products.

We believe in:
- Partnership: a sense of ownership for everything we do
- Code Quality: never compromise software code quality
- Solutions Efficiency: provide scalable, long-term, efficient solutions to all tech issues
- Communication: teamwork, openness & respect
- Learn & Grow: mentorship, learning & knowledge sharing
- Happiness: healthy lifestyle, positivity & fun!

For the applicants outside of Armenia, relocation is required. Our company assists with relocation. Relocated employees are also exposed to extra benefits such as gym membership, health insurance. Please consider relocation and living expenses while communicating your salary expectations.


- 5+ years of experience in developing web applications with one of popular programming languages or Ruby
- Strong knowledge of Software Engineering fundamentals, OOP, design patterns, data structures, algorithms
- Knowledge of Ruby v2.7, Rails v6, GraphQL, Unit tests
- Strong experience with database servers PostgreSQL or MySQL
- Strong understanding of application security
- Experience in working with micro-services, Docker, Apache Kafka, Bash
- Experience in building REST and WebSocket APIs
- Experience in working with AWS
- Experienced in Git
- English language working fluency is required (Communication is only in English). Level: B2+


Performance objectives:

The first objective is to focus on the development of all server-side logic.

Typical tasks here include:
- Design and implement scalable back-end systems using Ruby
- Write reusable, testable, and efficient code
- Design and maintenance of the database and cache clusters
- Ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end
- Work on security and data protection.

The second objective is to design and implement low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications.

Typical tasks here include:
- Troubleshoot and debug applications
- Integrate web applications with 3rd party web services
- Implement REST APIs
- Design and optimize applications for high performance, high availability, and low latency
- Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies

The third objective is productive collaboration within the team.

Typical tasks here include:
- Participate in product planning, task estimation, and technical discussions
- Contribute to the best coding practices and standards used across the team
- Conduct code reviews and share experience with less experienced colleagues

Would be a plus

- BS or MS in Computer Science or in a related field
- Knowledge of DevOps toolchain, CircleCI
- Knowledge of at least one more programming language other than Ruby
- Knowledge of React.js

Work conditions

Financial appreciation:
- Annual salary revision
- Performance bonuses
- Referral bonuses
- Loyalty bonuses for 3, 5, 7-year employment milestones
- Financial presents on special occasions (marriage, baby birth)

Working model:
- Remote first culture (a hybrid of work from home and office work)
- Centrally located open-space office
- Tea, coffee, fruits
- Resting area, board games
- Team Building activities several times a year.

Professional support:
- Job training
- Professional development
- In-house English classes
- Professional certification program based on quarterly goals
- Mentorship program and constant knowledge sharing culture.

Insurance, health & fitness for full-time engagement upon relocation to Armenia:
- Health insurance including dental & vision
- Gym membership.

Why Armenia: Armenia is a beautiful country to relocate to for the following reasons:

- It feels like you live in a European city
- Great hospitality: People are very open-minded, friendly, and intelligent
- There is a big community of Iranians especially in the IT
- Cost of living is quite low
- IT is very developed in Armenia and there are so many opportunities to learn and grow
- There are no sanctions or any limitations while utilizing any digital tool or product for developers as in Iran.

معرفی شرکت

Priotix یک شرکت نرم افزاری است که در ارمنستان مستقر می باشد و مدل تجاری استراتژیک ما با مشتریان جهانی همکاری می کند که به دنبال تیم های طولانی مدت و اختصاصی هستند که به طور کامل بخش های IT خود را جایگزین کنند. ما معمولاً ضمن امضای قرارداد خدمات ، هم برای Priotix و هم برای تیم اختصاصی در مورد مشارکت های سهام عدالت مذاکره می کنیم. مشارکت مدل تجاری اصلی ما با تیم و مشتریان است.تیم ما به بلوغ مهندسی ، کیفیت و مقیاس پذیری راه حل های ارائه شده و توانایی ما برای پاسخگویی به نیازهای بازار به خود می بالد. این همان چیزی است که شرکت را متفاوت می کند و این است که چگونه توانسته ایم نرخ بازگشت مشتری بیش از 95٪ و میزان رضایت نزدیک به 100٪ را تأمین کنیم.
این تیم شامل توسعه دهندگان وب و موبایل بسیار باتجربه ، QAs ، متخصصان UI / UX ، DevOps و مهندسین داده است که از معماری ابری مقیاس پذیر با کیفیت بالا ، CI / CD ، گردش کار و محیط خودکار ، استقرار خودکار در AWS و همچنین مقیاس گذاری خودکار با kubernetes اطمینان حاصل می کنند.
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    Ruby OOP Graphql MySQL
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    مهم نیست
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    معافیت تحصیلی معافیت دائم پایان خدمت
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